SalesForce AppExchange

Last two weeks, I was roaming in ‘SalesForce‘ land. I am hearing ‘SalesForce’ buzzword now and then, but the term ‘Sales’, prevented me from going anywhere near it. These terms like ‘Sales’, ‘Marketing’ makes me feel uncomfortable. But after spending sometime with SalesForce’s AppExchange, I felt, I missed a fantastic platform. To simplify, AppExchange is basically a platform for SalesForce applications. It lets you create a application with few clicks, add security, package it and publish the application. It also acts as directory of published applications. If you want to know more about it, visit the AppExchange.

Sometime back I was involved in developing a business application, which I can not name, using J2EE technologies. While exploring AppExchange, I realized how easy it is to create the same application in AppExchange platform. This is one of the reasons for my fascination of this platform. My applauds to the sales force team for the excellent job.

One thing I didn’t like about this platform is restrictions on managed packages,although, it is powerful feature. You can not delete the components added to managed package once it is registered. I feel this is good for some applications, but not for all. While looking for work around this problem, I came across this thread from sales force community website. Please do read this thread before deciding to go for managed package.

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