Dekoh, bringing web to desktop and vice versa

In case you missed it, my present company, Pramati announced, it’s web desktop application platform, Dekoh on 21st, February, to world. To know more about it, check product portal, here and developers portal, here. The launch was covered in Techcrunch. Readers asked lot of questions, Pramati tried it’s best to clarify their doubts. There was a press meet on Dekoh on 5th, March at Bangalore and it was covered in most of the media. Check news item from The Hindu here.

Although I did not explore the internals ,I tried applications that comes bundled with the product. They are really cool. For me, Dekoh looks interesting.

3 thoughts on “Dekoh, bringing web to desktop and vice versa

  1. Sharing desktop concepts looks bit scary. This is prone to nasty security problems. They have not addressed any where about this. I have not gone thru all info.. about Dekoh ..But looks cool. But takes time to accept. If u have any info how they are handling security part of this DESKTOP – OS please let me know.

  2. Although you share your content on your desktop, your buddy(the one with whom you shared your content), will not have direct access to your desktop contents. The shared contents will be served through your page on dekoh server. Your buddy will see the shared data on his browser. For your buddy, it will be like download site. This is what my understanding is.Please refer to comments in Techcrunch, most of the questions are answered there. I don’t know about how security features are implemented. Also refer to . Here, Dekoh is compared with Adobe’s Apollo, you can see various features of Dekoh there.

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