Form follows function(F3), new scripting language from SUN

In my previous blog on Sun Tech Days 2007, I mentioned a bit about F3. And then I felt it deserves a new post. In one of Chris Oliver’s blog posts, he mentioned what F3 is all about, here is the excerpt from the post,

F3 is actually a declarative Java scripting language with static typing for good IDE support and compile-time error reporting (unlike JavaScript…), type-inference, declarative syntax, and automatic data-binding with full support for 2d graphics and standard Swing components as well as declarative animation. You can also import java classes, create new Java objects, call their methods, and implement Java interfaces.

Also check links section of Chris Oliver’s blog, to know more about F3, and for cool demos.

For your info, F3 is not made public yet. In one of his posts, Chris wrote that F3 is going to be public at this month. But there is nothing stopping you from trying out the language. You can use F3 interactive tutor to get the feel of the language.

Since I came to know about F3, I got excited and I was telling about it whenever I meet a Java Developer. My initial feeling was we Java people really going to get some serious stuff to compete with flash and that to it works with Java libraries. I am curious to see opinions from experts when F3 will be made public.

One of the readers of the F3 introduction post commented that F3 don’t have bright futureif user’s have to download the JVM. Other reader while replying to this comment wrote that 87% of todays browsers have JRE plugin. Really nice to know about these stats.

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