Sun Tech Days 2007, Hyderabad

Sun Tech days 2007 started yesterday in Hyderabad at HITEX. I attended only first of 3 days. I am not able to attend other two days, although, I wanted to attend Netbeans day.I was able to get there just before Rich Green’s, Executive VP at Sun, started the keynote.

The keynote was around ‘Volume drives value’.He stated importance of shortening time between developing a product and bringing it to market.

The demos after keynote were quite impressive. A music search application, F3, Sun Performance analyzer, building a Google map web app with Netbeans in 3 minutes were among the demos. I found the music search application very interesting. I was disappointed with F3 demos. I don’t know the name of the guy, who gave demo, but he screwed it up. He didn’t state the fact that all the stuff we can do in flash, now, can be done with F3. You can find more about F3 in Chris’s blog. Do check out demos there, they are all really cool

The were many sessions on Java SE, Java EE, Glasfish, Java ME, Netbeans, SOA, Scripting. Netbeans showcased in most of the sessions. For example if it was a session on Portlets, the speaker explained Netbeans support for portal development. A session on Netbeans by Geertjan and a session on JRuby were impressive. I got to say I started looking at Netbeans seriously after attending Geertjan’s session. I had interacted with him after the session. Since I am a eclipse plug-in developer, I tried to know about counterparts of GEF and GMF in Netbeans, from him. The other sessions I attended on Jave SE and Java EE were quite ordinary.

The KK(a very popular singer in India) show in the evening was rocking. It was energetic performance and his amazing voice made crowd go crazy.I thought, in the end, he would say, how Netbeans helped him to sing better, but to my disappointment, it did not happen. Overall it was a nice experience

Finally, there are no stupid questions:
* Why I should go for EJB 3.0 when I already have Spring?(to Carol McDonald)
* Why Java EE injections and interceptions not working in my JBoss?(to Carol McDonald)
* If I have to choose between SOA and BPEL, what factors should I consider?(This came after a session by a Oracle guy on SOA and BPEL. The presenter appeared to be a bit frustrated when this question was asked).
* CMP is giving JNDI lookup error in my Netbeans IDE, what should I do?(to Geertjan.)

For clarification, the above question were not asked by me. The questions were posed to speakers from other attendees.

8 thoughts on “Sun Tech Days 2007, Hyderabad

  1. Wow, cool report, Adi. Thanks for the positive feedback. On your last question, can you send me detailed steps you took that resulted in the JNDI lookup error? Then I will try and reproduce the problem. Any other NetBeans questions you have, please let me know.

  2. Hi Geertjan, Thanks. About the JNDI question, it was not my question, somebody asked this question to you, and you gave your mail id to that person to mail you the steps. That was nice of you.

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